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Plot or pretty, pony plot pretty. Pretty pooter tooter. Loopdy doo, skiddiroo. Drunk ramblings in the morn for TMI tuesday. This is fuuuun. Also, favorite adult driiink? Or not adult, if joo ain't there yet!

Favorite adult drink? Coffee of course.

TMI Tuesday :3

You know all these jokes about Asians wearing clothes that say some confusing shit in English or everyone else wearing shirts with Asian characters that look nice but probably mean shit.

So today in metro I saw one girl walking in front of me. She was dressed in the white shirt and rather short pants (her butt was meh btw). And she had a small bag on her back. And what got me interested in even writing all that is the fact that on this particular backpack there were huge, bold letters saying:


Stop tickling your prostate, please

Casy, stahp, 2cute4me


Hello there!

:D Anyone else?

[heavy breathing]

That awkward moment when tumblr recommends me to like your posts and to follow people who reblog your posts by promoting reblogs of your posts on their tumblrs.


Backy can’t escape from the duck.



I’ve wanted to draw something for tumblrpon people for a while now. Here I’ve drawn something for my friends, blogs/characters I really like and people who have just been really nice to me. Thank you all of you for being so incredibly awesome and inspiring. :D <3

Aw, thank you :3

When I saw this photo I realized that I draw too many horsecocks.image


Yo, dawg. I heard that you liked following me. And some even followed me on steam (by adding me to friend list).

But now you can double follow me as a curator on Steam.

Just don’t expect me to go full kotaku or whatever.

Also Curators are the new feature of steam that will basically help people and groups of people to recommend you games in the steam store.

Several people told me that I can’t make posts like this unless it is my modblog. So I will reblog it and delete it I suppose.